Custom Cakes - 2-D, 3-D, Carved, Tiered & Stacked

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A cake for Max

Mrs. Frances

Manuel's 34th - birthday (the cake was lumpy due to the 
German chocolate frosting under the fondant)

Little Emily and Sebastian

Chris' camping trip

Brandon's BIG 13!

A quick cake for Bella

Happy 8th Kiara

A cake for a Pickle lover!

Hawaiian Theme for Nate and Aaron

Sienna's Cinderella

Celebrating an 80's Themed Birthday

A Doggy "Bone Themed" Party

She's sweet and she's Celebrating her 15th Birthday!

Edible Shoe

Handmade Edible Clothing on miniature wire hangers.

A FUN for ALL Birthday

Hello Kitty

100% Edible Fondant Hello Kitty

A girl isn't complete without her edible kitty nail polish..

Or her Kitty kissable Lipstick.

A twilight/book worm's cake dream

Chocolate Hand-carved chess pieces - Yum!

A quick burger & fries


@ War!!!